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About Us

Holly's Hodge Podge is owned by Morey Page and operated by his wife, Holly, that's me!  I have always been a caregiver until I became sick and was forced to stop working and stay at home.  Lack of socializing and being able to help and care for people was putting me in a state of depression.  Morey and I are both Christians and truly believe that God has a plan for everything that happens. I however am very impatient and not very good at waiting for life to unfold.  In order to occupy myself I started watching a bunch of "Live" clothes sales on facebook.  I thought they were fun and addicting.  However, I thought most of the clothes were very expensive and not very affordable for budget minded shoppers.  I told Morey that we could do something like that but keep the price of the clothes down so that everyone could afford fun, fashionable, trendy clothes without breaking the bank.  Thus Holly's Hodge Podge was born.  Super cute fashions in all sizes and nothing over $19.99

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